My love of movement started at a young age. I, like many young girls attended dance classes, had my hair scraped back and was given the syllabus to practice. I liked the classes, but what I really loved was practicing my new found skills on my own. Out of the classroom environment, I was forever in our back garden doing handstands, splits, cartwheels and roping my brothers into lifting me up, flipping me over and being part of my crazy routines. I also developed a real love for stretching. I enjoyed being able to move my body in certain ways and was happy that whenever I was asked, I could demonstrate movement, whether in PE, Dance or games.

I never lost the ability to do the splits and it still is my party trick!! I went on to study dance and drama initially at college, and then continued through to university.

After uni I feel that I lost touch with that part of my life. I went on to travel to many different countries, I lived in various cities, and worked many, many different jobs. I never felt any job was just right for me, and I never wanted to stay.

It was while I was working as cabin crew in Manchester that my friend invited me to BIKRAM YOGA. I thought I was already a lover of heat…. pfff, how hard can this yoga be?! We can all laugh at that comment, as I think we all remember our first class. I was instantly hooked!

I practiced whenever I could, and after a while started to enquire about teaching. I couldn’t afford joining the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training at the time, so wrote it down as a goal on a piece of paper and went travelling again. I practiced Bikram in many different countries, and while I was living in Thailand I started practicing Vinyasa Yoga. I loved the dynamic movement the spiritual side, which I'd not experienced before. Again I felt a strong connection to the practice.

This time when I came home I was determined for this connection to be transformed into what I do, and to make it my job. I saved and did my Vinyasa teacher training in Barcelona. Shortly after I found myself in Leeds and in this beautiful studio we practice in today. I was fortunate enough to get to cover some Vinyasa classes, and got the opportunity to do my Hot 26&2 training with Evolation Yoga. It all happened very fast, like a bit of a whirlwind in my mind, when I thought of that goal, and that little piece of paper I'd written down all those years ago. 

Part of teaching is also continuously learning, and I love how this job gives me the opportunity to continuously learn and grow. I love teaching, and I love the thought that I'm playing a part in people experiencing the magic I feel when I practice, continuously and improving, mind, body and soul.